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Data Analyst and Statistical Consultant

As both an instructor of statistics and research methods and a R developer, I provided consultation and analyst services while being deeply rooted in both theory and methodology, while my background as a graduate student also enables be to be mindful of the practical needs of researchers and academics.

Areas of Expertise

Among other things, I specialize in the following subjects:

  • Statistical analyses, with an emphasis on the social and psychological sciences:

    • Regression (linear and generalized)

    • AN(C)OVA (including partial factorial designs)

    • (Generalized) linear mixed modeling (HLM/LMM)

    • Missing data analysis and treatment

    • Path analysis / SEM

    • Factor analysis and clustering

    • Bayesian modelling and inference

    • Simulation based power analysis

    • Machine learning and cross validation

    • Nonlinear regression modeling

  • EEG data analysis for cognitive psychology.

  • Programming for data analysis (R, Shiney, Matlab).

Contact Me

You can contact me via email:

What You'll Get

I work primarily with the open-source statistical software R, as it provides access to state of the art tools for visualizing and analyzing data.

  • Data cleaning

  • Hypothesis / estimation outputs.

  • Plots

  • I will provide you with any and all information you need to help you write your results section, and can accompany and supervise the writing process.

Upon completing of the ordered work, I will provide all the cleaned data files, the R code files, and any other file created in the analysis process.

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